About Us

We Solve Mystifying Mortgage Puzzles

Good To Go Mortgage provides custom residential mortgages for home purchases and commercial lending. More than that, however, we solve puzzles.

You see, lenders traditionally decide whether to give you a mortgage based on the three “Cs” of credit: Character, Collateral and Capacity. But sometimes, the home financing puzzle has a lot more pieces than that. When it does, lenders can have a hard time putting it together. That’s where we come in. Because we look at puzzles differently, we often can put them together more successfully than traditional lenders.

Who We Serve

Our clients may see us as master puzzlers, but we see them as valued friends. And friends help each other out.

Who We Are

The reason we’re so good at solving complex mortgage puzzles is that Good To Go Mortgage was started by entrepreneurs — and entrepreneurs solve problematic puzzles every day. In addition to our entrepreneurial founders, our team includes a dedicated group of skilled advisors, including:
  • Fellow small business owners
  • Current and former military
  • Freelancers and self-employed professionals
  • Mortgage brokers and finance gurus
  • Small banks and credit unions
  • Home improvement experts
  • Real estate and insurance agents

Our Promise

We are often asked why we call ourselves Good To Go Mortgage. We were inspired by our many friends in the military, who use the phrase “good to go” to indicate to their peers and superiors that they are ready to execute their mission. Like them, we are ready to execute ours: Helping thousands of our closest friends across the country by providing them the financial support and services they need in order to make their dream of owning a home a reality.

Let's Solve Your Puzzle Together.