Alabama Veterinarian Home Loan

Alabama Veterinarian Home Loan

Alabama Veterinarian Home Loan

Recently, here at Good to Go Mortgage, a client asked us a very important question about an Alabama Veterinarian Home Loan. Here is the answer to that question, for all the veterinarians who need to know about this extraordinary opportunity.

The Question

“I recently graduated from veterinary school. I am working as a vet at a local Alabama veterinarian clinic. I have worked there for 6 months now, but my work history doesn’t go back 2 years. I understand that to buy a house you need to have been working for 2 years. We would really like to purchase a home now. My question is, “Do I have to wait for another year and a half, or can something be done now?”

The Answer – An Alabama Veterinarian Home Loan

Good to Go Mortgage has worked with thousands of veterinarians, dentists and physicians who face similar challenges. The answer is “Yes, something can be done, right now!”

alabama veterinarian home loan

There is a specialized mortgage program available to recently graduated vets. An Alabama Veterinarian Home Loan works to solve the problems you face when you want to purchase a home. Problems such as:

Work History

You don’t need 2 years of work history. You will need an employment contract, or offer letter that outlines your income. We have options for:

  • Joining a clinic that only pays using 1099
  • Going right into private practice
  • Buying into a partnership without W-2 wages or preset minimum salary

You can even move in up to 90 days before you start work.

Student Loans

Any student debt you have that is not in repayment is excluded from the debt to income ratio. We can advise you about the best structure for those student loans using deferment or income based repayment. That way, you can qualify for a higher amount and get qualified for more house.

Private Mortgage InsuranceAlabama veterinarian home loan counties map

With an Alabama veterinarian home loan there is no PMI. Even with 0%, 5%, 10% or 15% down payment, the PMI still disappears. That could save you $10,000 a year on a $1m home.

Closing Costs

Closing costs do exist. If you are short on cash, we can make sure the costs are:

  • included in the loan
  • your seller pays them for you
  • an interest rate adjustment is made

Alabama Veterinarian Home Loan programs make it easy for you to purchase a home or refinance your current home. Good to Go Mortgage takes you step by step through the process. Prequalify today for your Alabama Veterinarian Home Loan so you can start looking for your dream home.