Down Payment Assistance with No Monthly Payments

Down Payment Assistance with No Monthly Payments

Down Payment Assistance with No Monthly Payments

Down payment assistance from Good to Go Mortgage makes that dream home far more affordable. This downpayment assistance program reduces the ongoing debt you carry on your home.

With double the down payment you:

  • Reduce Your Loan Size
  • Lower Mortgage Payments
  • Eliminate PMI (private mortgage insurance)
  • No Interest
  • No Monthly Payments

Prequalify NowPrequalifying does not affect credit scores.

Down Payment Assistance for Up To 30 Years

You receive cash now for your down payment assistance. No interest charges. No monthly payments.

How can that be?

No payments and no interest?

For up to 30 years?

The down payment assistance program shares in the change in value of your home. Long term investors, such as pension finds and university endowments invest in your property. They provide the cash you need now, in exchange for a share in the change in value over time.

If your home increases in value, both partners profit. If the house prices go down, the investors lose, just like you do.

You now have investing partners. But you always remain the sole property owner. So, like any owner, you can sell your home at any time you choose.

But you always remain the sole property owner.

No Monthly Payments

You never make any monthly payments on the down payment assistance money. It is not a loan. It is an investment in your property. A joint venture, with you. The hope is you and your investors earn a return on investment as you share in the property’s appreciation.

Refinancing Your Current Home?

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As a current homeowner you can tap into your home equity without having to pay any interest or make any monthly payments. Get cash today, and simply repay the initial investment amount, and a share of the change in value, later.

Can any property anywhere in the country qualify?

Unfortunately, the down payment assistance program is not yet available in all 50 states. It is available in: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington and Washington DC.

Good to Go Mortgage can arrange for funds to match your down payment amount. You immediately double your down payment. Your mortgage face value amount is lowered. Your monthly payments are less. In many cases you can even completely eliminate private mortgage insurance entirely.

Prequalify today for Down Payment Assistance with no monthly payments.