Vetting Real Estate Agents: Are You Good To Go?

Vetting Real Estate Agents: Are You Good To Go?

Vetting Real Estate Agents: Are You Good To Go?

Vetting real estate agents and navigating the home buying process can be a complicated task and veterans using the VA loan have an additional layer of complexity to consider. This is why it is important for veterans to find a real estate agent that can help them navigate the process and is a good fit in terms of personality, expertise, availability, and communication style.

Because the process is long and the veteran in question has to place a large amount of trust in their agent to get the job done properly, they should spend a lot of time getting to know their agent and ensure that they can answer the following six questions in a satisfactory way:

Does the agent have proven experience?

Veterans will want to be sure that their chosen agent has a lot of experience in the area where they are looking to purchase their home. This is important because seasoned agents will have a great understanding of the best neighborhoods and a proven track record of success. Potential buyers should feel totally comfortable asking the agent for statistics surrounding the number of homes they sold in the last year and what the average price was.

Have they worked with veterans before?

The VA loan process is different to others, so it is important that the agent in question has a good understanding of what the VA loan financing options look like and why the program has so much potential for military borrowers.

Does the agent work with mostly buyers or sellers? How many?

You want to find an agent that strikes the balance between being busy enough to demonstrate they are successful and trusted but also having enough free time to be able to accommodate for your needs.

Can you work with the agent throughout the entire process?

You will need to know what the process of working with your agent looks like. Will they handle the entire process from beginning to end or will you work on some stages with an administrative assistant? Knowing how the process is going to work can make you more comfortable.

How does the agent communicate?

It is important to know how, and with what frequency, your agent is going to communicate with you. You want to be informed at all stages of the process in your preferred communication method whether that’s email or via phone. Agents also differ in their preferred working methods.

Is the agent willing to share past customers?

It is important that your agent can provide you with contact information for their past customers. This will enable you to speak with them and find out more about the process firsthand from a person that went through it with the agent that you are considering.

Your agent should understand the importance of a good partnership better than anybody else. You should feel comfortable assessing the compatibility of your agent because you are going to spend a lot of time working with them throughout the process (that includes tours, negotiations, and throughout the closing process).

Good to Go has a range of agents throughout the nation and they specialize in  loans and making sure veterans get the best deal possible for themselves and their families. In some instances, potential homebuyers can expect to receive cash back at closing too for working alongside a Good to Go agent.

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